March 16 New Newspaper AND St. Patrick’s Day Stuff!!!

Hey it’s RS!

I’m really sorry i didn’t update at all last week. I was REALLY tied up with school and stuff.

BUT I’M BACK!!! So heres the new newspaper for march 16th:

New hot deals:

New cazmo of the week:

Nice fro dude! And of course, it’s still cold. BUT, planet cazmo put alot of st. patricks day stuff up, and with it, SPRING SIGNS!!!  If you didn’t notice, over the winter the foutain in town square was frozen. But it’s running again! There is some grass growing through the snow too! And i don’t know about you, but i can’t wait till’ summer!!!  Well, up in USA, St. Patricks Day Is Tomorrow!!! Be sure to wear green on cazmo!

Im RagingSquirrel, SPREAD THE WORLD!


New Newspaper March 2 AND Cody Simpson FREE Virtual Concert!

Ello Cazmos!

Today, a new planet cazmo newspaper just came out!!!

We have a new concert for cazmo! As you can see, it is Cody Simpson!

New hot deals:

New Cazmo of the week:

A wizard?? Comon!

New bargains:

And its still cold.

RagingSquirrel is out! Spread the word!

How to solve the Jeff Quest!!!

Here’s how to solve the jeff quest!!!

1. Go to the outside of the dance club, and click on Jeff.

2. Go inside the garage, and find the first CD. Now sorry it’s a newspaper, i clicked on the first CD before i got a picture. It WILL be there.

3. Go to the space port. If you are in town square, you have to click on this:

Then click on this:

4. The third CD is in the town square.

5. The fourth CD is out side the body shop. You have to click the – button again if you are in town square.

6. The LAST CD is at the playground! If you don’t know what area is is, it gets really hard. So follow these pictures:

Go back to Jeff outside club cazmo to return the CDs and get some coinz!

Spread the world! -RagingSquirrel

Valentines PROM and Newspaper!!!

Happy Valentines day everybody! We have a newspaper that just came out today!

New hot deals:

Now first, we have the Purple Heart Tee (-shirt.) Next, there’s the Lotsa Love Board. Then, the Heart Tank Top. And, last but not least, the Black Heart Tee (-shirt!) But one thing I noticed is, NO BOY ITEMS???!! Now come on cazmo!

The neeeeeeeeew cazmo of the week:

Nice going Lucy!!!

And, .SIGH. It’s still cold as eminem in that super bowl brisk commercial.

Well, I don’t know about you, but i’m gonna be spending my day in a valentines hot tub!

UPDATE: Tried to have a valentines party, no one came. LOL. Next year ill plan ahead.

Im RagingSquirrel, Spread the world!

New Valentines Stuff!!!

Hey Cazmos! (like iv’e said, or whoever is reading this.  Not a bunch of veiws yet! DX)

So today we have some new stuff for Valentines day!!! Here’s some new stuff in the Town Square!!

And instead of snowballs, (or water balloons,) they have… ARROWS!!! But calm down you noobs trying to kill cazmos you hate, they somehow turn in to water??? My first expression was: WHAT????

Oh, special thanks to extrime for helping me out!

So yeah, thats pretty much it for today, so im RagingSquirrel,


Jacob Latimore and Jawan Harris Concert!!!!!

Hey cazmos!

I’m really syked up about the Jacob Latimore and Jawan Harris concert tonight!!!! I’ll tell you know, i’m sure gonna be there.

It will be tonight, (Friday,) and tomorrow, (Saturday,) too. So here are the times:

Friday the 4th: 7pm- 12am eastern, 6pm-11pm central, 5pm- 10pm mountain time, and 4pm-9pm pacific time.

Saturday the 5th: 12pm- 12am eastern, 11pm-11am central, 10pm- 10am mountain time, and 9pm- 9am pacific.

This will start every hour on the hour. So the concert is for one hour. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, i’ll post pictures!

RagingSquirrel is out! Spread the world!

How to delete your phone inbox AND the chat history

Hey Cazmos! Here’s how to delete your phone inbox AND the chat history.

Step one: Click the chat history right by the chat bar.

Step two: Click the little eraser at the top. I think it will ask you if you want to delete your recent history and texts.

Step three: CLICK YES!!!!

There you go! You just did it! I learned this one night when i pulled an overnighter on planet cazmo, and i had a BUNCH of texts. (When people ask to be my friend multiple times, I only accept one.)

Also, planet cazmo isn’t working right now for some reason, so i couldn’t put pictures up. I will when i get the chance.

RagingSquirrel is out! Spread the world!

How to get free trees and beds in your house

Hey cazmos! (or anybody reading this, havnt got a lot of veiwers yet.)

Well this isn’t as good as some other cheats, but this does work. As you know, (you should,) Planet Cazmo gives you a greeting at your house showing you how to decorate your house and everything.

It does that to your account about every two weeks. So if it happens that often, you can get up to 44 beds and trees in a year!!! Heres what the outside of my house looks like:

So, to do this trick, you just have to wait a cuple weeks apart. And no, you can not exit the helper. So you’re forced to do it. I’m sure they will change it soon, i’m not sure when. I’ll update if they do change it.

EDIT: Ive got good news and bad news. The good news is, I found out how to escape the helper. To skip it, see that path there? Just go to the end to leave and go to the town square. The bad news is, I found out it actually DOES charge you money for getting those trees and beds. They aren’t free. So the cheat is ruined, but now you know how to leave it. Sorry!

Tell you’re freinds! Bye!!!

How to make money on Planet Cazmo easy!

Hey Cazmos!

RagingSquirrel here, and i’m here to show you how to make THOUSANDS of Cazmo coinz on Planet Cazmo, WITHOUT DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT WAITING!!! No downloads, no cheating, it’s just a little glitch. So, on to the glitch!!!

Step one: Sign in to Planet Cazmo with your account.

Step two: Press the game controller right by the chatbar.

Step three: Once you’re there, scroll down to the game, Max Damage. It’s a basic strategy game that you can find on most of the popular computer games websites, (EG. Agame, Games Games, Addicting Games, Armor Games, ECT.)

Step four: Wait for the advertisements to end, then click play game, the click the level one button.

Just go do somthing else with level one on your screen. The problem is you can’t play Planet Cazmo wile it’s working. So i recommend doing this before you go to bed. I waited for three hours, and got SIX THOUSAND COINZ!! I got a car for five thousand coinz with it!

How it works: The game company is paying Planet Cazmo to promote theyre game on So Cazmo pays out coinz according to how long you were on. They cant pay you how many levels you do because if you really stunk at the game, you would get nothing for playing the game sombody is paying them to pay coinz for. It’s actually an addicting game!

I’ll update this post if they change it, but i don’t think they are for a while! So now that you have six thousand coinz or more, (or less) keep coming back to my site and enjoy my posts!

So i’m RagingSquirrel, and remember, tell your freinds!

What Planet Cazmo Is

Hey world!

RagingSquirrel here, and i know alot of people are wandering what Planet Cazmo is, and if its safe. Because the last thing someone wants to do is give a fake online world their personal information. But let me assure you, Planet Cazmo is 100 percent REAL. And it is well worth it to join all the other Cazmos at So now that you know its safe, i’ll show you around Planet Cazmo!

So here is what the main room, the Town Square looks like:

There are many other rooms too! If you see the guy with blue hair, thats me! You can customize your cazmo at the beginning of the game, and while you’re playing, using the body shop, and all the stores!!!!

And if you have started Club Penguin, this is sorta like it, but better. Internet Dating is allowed on PC, (ooh la la,) unlike Club Penguin. So if you were thinking about joining, JOIN! RIGHT NOW! REALLY! GO TO WWW.PLANETCAZMO.COM AND CLICK CREATE ACCOUNT NOW!!!!!

P.S. Once you join, get updated of all the cool cheats and tips here!!!